Direct mail

Adirect mail campaign is a marketing form, where Valeur finds new customers for your company by using the direct marketing principals. The direct marketing concept makes it possible for Valeur to carry out solid sales work, from which your company solicit new customers.

Campaign planning

At Valeur we and our customers have achieved great success in combining two of the fundamental principles of a so called direct mail campaign. A direct mail campaign at Valeur is a combination of direct mailings and telemarketing. This process usually includes three steps, where each prospect in your target group is contacted on different occasions

  • First time we obtain the information of the right person
  • Second time we send a sales letter, brochure or other marketing material to the contact person
  • Finally we place a call, where the purpose is to set up an appointment for a sales meeting.

A direct mail campaign is a focused form of marketing, where the groundwork assures that your message is directed to the right person and decision maker. This approach increases the possibility of greater interest in the product and subsequently increases the possibility of setting up an appointment, when we follow up on the forwarded sales material.

Valeur has experience with direct mail campaigns for small and large companies, but in particular for public organizations.

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