Awareness and Image Research

How known are your products or your company on the market and what are they known for?

This type of research can provide you with valuable knowledge regarding the above-mentioned questions. Knowledge that is crucial for the company’s future and for creating action plans for exposed areas.


Brand Awareness

In general, brand awareness research will inform you about the size of the market share, which are familiar with your company.  The research will inform you about the following questions:

  • How known is your company compared to your rival companies?

  • How large a share of your potential customers have heard about you?

  • How did customers and potential customers learn about you?

  • Are there segments that are not familiar with your products/business areas?

  • Are there geographical areas, where your brand is less known?

Company Image

An image analysis sheds light on the general perception of your product or company. This gives you a picture of how attractive your company is for possible partners and clients.

 You will often find that there is a difference between your own perception of your company and the perception of your costumers. This makes an image survey an important tool for the development of the company.

The image survey can tell you something about the credibility, the quality and the competences your company is associated with, also compared to your primary competitors.


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Our approach

Valeur Research has a wide range, and we carry out different kinds of surveys for our clients. We never follow the same methodology, as we tend to adapt to our clients’ needs and wishes in every assignment.

We are very conscious that all our research is quality based, which has created our thorough approach to research. We always put a lot of effort into advising about every step in the research, so you are informed about our approach to the chosen methods, data and design. Thus, we stand out as a flexible and neutral business partner with one agenda – to provide you with valuable and usable data.