Customer Contact Center

Valeur lets you outsource your sales and customer services, giving you a flexible customer service that in regards to size and competences compares to your current service. It is often larger companies, who experience this need, but also web shops and other retailers, especially when it comes to inquiries from private customers.


Our staff is dependable 

Sales and customer service are very dear to us, which is why we will meet your customers with empathy. Our staff possess the natural ability of relating to the customers’ situation. Our staff consists entirely of mature people who has great experience and continuously is being coached. We are familiar with all possible needs, from regular campaign support to ongoing order enquiries. We know the variation of needs and are used to dealing with very different people and inquiries. We know the typical questions;


When do I receive
my goods? 



Should I order online
or pick up at the store?


Where can I complain
about my purchase? 



How do I get a 
new password? 




We can handle and answer these questions for you, and if an issue occurs that requires an in depth answer, we will forward the inquiry to the right person, in the agreed format and the agreed communication channel. This makes you able to systemize all inquiries and follow up accordingly.


Great benefits for your company

If you choose Valeur, you will get the needed help and the costs are reasonable and affordable. Below is a list of the benefits you will experience.


Experienced and skilled
customer service consultants



Variable costs


Reduced costs on
staff and workspace



No liability due to 
illness, holidays, etc. 



Help on



A high professional level
of customer service



Furthermore you don’t risk losing profit on unanswered calls, or impatient customers, who doesn’t want to wait in long phone queues.