Employee Satisfaction Surveys

A large part of your company’s qualifications lies within your employees, which makes happy and loyal employees an essential factor for the company’s overall performance and results.

At Valeur we value the wellbeing of our employees, which is why we ourselves carry out employee satisfaction surveys continuously. This ensures that the knowledge and competences that are developed over time remains within the company. To that extend, we conduct different forms of surveys both for our clients but also for our own company.

How well do you know your staff?

There are several reasons to conduct an employee satisfaction survey. Primarily, a survey is conducted in order to retain the employees, but also to maintain loyalty. Today, unsatisfied employees are the main reason for a high resignation rate, which is costly for the company.

Furthermore, employee satisfaction surveys can also highlight which areas are important for your employees. The results will also give you an idea about the improvement or the maintenance of the working conditions.


Contact Valeur Research if you are interested in hearing about, how to conduct a employee satisfaction survey for your company. 

Our approach

Valeur Research has a wide range, and we carry out different kinds of surveys for our clients. We never follow the same methodology, as we tend to adapt to our clients’ needs and wishes in every assignment.

We are very conscious that all our research is quality based, which has created our thorough approach to research. We always put a lot of effort into advising about every step in the research, so you are informed about our approach to the chosen methods, data and design. Thus, we stand out as a flexible and neutral business partner with one agenda – to provide you with valuable and usable data.