Front Desk Services

Overflow Services

Valeur ContactCenter‘s front desk services are typically for larger or medium sized companies, who today operate with switchboard. Furthermore our services are aimed at businesses, where staff spends a lot of time dispatching calls among each other. We can handle your entire volume of calls, or handle the calls you cannot manage, when your own capacity is under pressure.


Liberate your resources

Do you ever receive many calls at once in certain periods or does your staff ever get assignments that requires your full attention? In situations like this, Valeur can be your competent and cost reducing partner. We can step in, whenever you need us to, allowing your company to maintain the best possible customer contact.


You pay per call

It can be difficult to forecast your call volume and hence your staff size. By letting Valeur handle your calls, staffing become our responsibility and we charge a low price per call rate. That way you only pay for the calls you get and you do not have to pay someone to watch a silent phone. Furthermore you avoid problems during staff illness, vacation, meetings, or during lunch.


Avoid loss of customers

As a business it is paramount to make sure that all calls are answered, and avoid that the customer calls your competition instead. Customers often have a need here and now, and if the phone is not answered, it could cost you a lot of money.


We are flexible

Valeur can help you assure that your front desk always is able to cope with the volume of calls, in a profitable manner and without having to work on the edge all the time. Below you will find a list of the possibilities we have to streamline your front desk.


We always find 
someone to help


We let you know, 
when something is off

We empathize no
matter the situation


We cover for you
when you’re under pressure


Our staff is very service minded and they will quickly become an integral part of your organization. You will experience a close and ongoing dialogue with Valeur, and we are always prepared for sudden changes. We process the relevant information fast and integrate it into our setup. All together Valeur can assist you in offering the perfect front desk to your customers, which will answer your customers in a professional manner.