Seminar Signup

Product display, courses, concept presentation, and other forms of seminars are in many companies and organizations becoming more widespread as a way of sales promotion. As a sales organization it is important to attract the exact right participants in regards to what purpose the seminar serves.


The benefits of seminars or workshops

Most of the companies that choose to arrange a seminar for customers and other collaborators, do so to increase the knowledge and transparency of their product and thereby enhance the possibility of a sale. At Valeur we help you achieve results be making sure you target the right target group, the right decision maker and eventually a signup for your seminar.

To do so, we use the same principals as in appointment setting and other canvassing and always with respect for the recipient. You can rest assure that the invitation to your seminar is delivered with credibility and in a professional manner, which increases the possibility of getting the number of participants and not least the relevant participants.


We reach all target groups

Valeur do seminar signups for both private and public organizations. This means we are used to working with a wide variety of messages directed at entirely different kinds of target groups. Our staff has a wide array of work experience and areas of knowledge, which means we can handle seminar signup campaigns within all sectors and industries.