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The current market conditions on the European market is affected by a high level of competition. You cannot expect your clients to contact you, which is why a pro-active approach is crucial for the growth of your company.  

Appointment setting and outreach sales is about opening the door between your company and a potential client – and with more than 27 years of experience, we are experts in creating openings to different industries and countries. We pursue a broad approach in the field of telemarketing, which ensures an effective starting point and continuous success for you as a client.


The strategic sales process 

We often experience that our potential clients believe that the criteria for success is based on the number of booked meetings. However, we have another approach to telemarketing that separates us from our industry. We prefer to use the term ‘outreach sales’ as we do not hire phoners, but highly specialized consultants that can advise our clients on a high and professional level.

“Valeur has a very high level in their services compared to other telemarketing companies, and they possess profound knowledge in our area of business, which makes them capable of contributing to the development of new sales strategies and arguments.” E.ON

Therefore, our criteria of success depends on the output of the booked meetings, and not the quantity of meetings.  


The value of mature staff

Valeur’s employees are in average 45 years old and they all possess many years of experience from previous industries. This enable our consultants to engage in close dialogues on your behalf and provide valuable insight into your market. Our consultants are dedicated and take pride in their job, and our clients tend to consider them as part of their own team.

“We chose Valeur based on their mature and skilled consultants, which all possess many years of experience from different industries. This experience is crucial for us, because they call on our behalf.” Varo


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