Valeur has been recognized for its great economy and was granted the Danish award “Gazelle” five years in a row from 2006-2010. This award is only given to companies that doubles their turnover in a period of four years. We know the formula for creating a healthy, solid and growth-ready business. This formula has made Valeur grow ever since the company was founded in 1992.


27 years of experience

With Valeur Training we wish to share some of the knowledge and experiences that we have built through time. The level of competences has been on a steady rise since the foundation in 1992 and we cover many fields of expertise.

As a company, we have been operating within a wide specter of all industries on the Danish market, which has given us a wide and complex understanding of marketing. Furthermore, Valeur has a highly experiences staff within sales, appointment setting, and customer service. All out consultants have years of experience as well as external training in coaching, service, and sales. They can train your employees in order to give your company a boost.

Valeur Research is a collection of the all the qualifications we have in our company. These qualifications are the backbone of our different courses:

Types of training

Training in appointment setting

Practical training gives good results


Get inspired to change

You can learn a lot from other companies’ success stories and get inspiration to make changes. It can be in the form of a pep talk for the employees, inspirational lectures for leaders or a general motivational lecture for the whole company.


You can order a seminar or ask questions by contacting us here.