About us

Valeur has two focus areas, which are both constructed from the same principles of outreach work.

Telemarketing is highly affected by several parameters that intervene with the sales process and the appointment setting. Valeur has many years of experience of overcoming the obstacles in the field and we know exactly how to arrange meetings that generate real value for our clients.

Our approach revolves around the policy that it is not a matter of calling as many leads as possible, but calling the right leads at the right time in order to book quality meetings.

All our services originate from human interaction, relationship building and a professional business approach. Our consultants are highly experienced and mature, which is underpinned by their indispensable knowledge on several industries and sectors.     

Our focus areas are:

Outbound sales

Contact Center

Our story

Valeur is a family owned business, which was established in 1992 by Karin Valeur. In the first 10 years, the company developed gradually, but after the first decade, the company’s growth increased drastically. Valeur has been recognized for its great economy and was granted the Danish award “Gazelle” five years in a row. This award is only given to companies that double their turnover in a period of four years.

In 2011, Karin Valeur initiated a generational change with the sales department – and marketing manager Klaus Valeur Leffers. This change has contributed to the preservation of Valeur’s strong position on the market and has secured the future growth of the company.

Valeur has remained a conservative business approach where the cornerstone is a solid and healthy economy. This is illustrated by our many AAA ratings. 


Klaus Valeur Leffers

Adm. Direktør / CEO & Partner / Geschäftsführer

+ 45 86 92 90 00

Rikke Røjgaard

CEO & Partner

+45 87 88 44 49

Jan Brøgger Olsen

Data Manager / Datenmanager

+45 53 26 62 15

Michael Dueholm

Data Manager / Datenmanager

+45 33 34 49 00

Hanne Nilia Sørensen

Teamleder / Team Leader / Teamleiterin

+45 86 92 90 00

Else Madsen

Teamleder / Team Leader / Teamleiterin

+45 86 92 90 00

Anne-Mette Hegelund

Økonomi / Accountant / Buchhalterin

+45 86 92 90 00