We create new business opportunities

for B2B companies in Europe

We create the right foundation

for our costumers’ outbound sales

Valeur is a telemarketing company with more than 27 years of experience in outbound sales and appointment setting. We have built our high qualifications through dedication and devotion to our field of work, which has created value for our clients throughout many different European countries.

The cornerstone of our company is divided into two focus areas that illustrate our key competences and the value we generate for other companies.

Valeur strives to provide the highest quality in all our services as we aspire to create the right foundation for our clients’ outbound sales. We always advise our customers on how to improve their sales process in order to reach their full growth potential.

We create value for our clients by arranging quality meetings that provide strong probability of sales and by nurturing new business opportunities in our contact with potential clients.

Our Services

Through our experience and knowledge, we have created the right foundation for being a strategic partner and advisor for our clients.

What can we do for you?


Appointment Setting

Your way into the market


We know your field

Seminar Signup

Get the right participants

International Telemarketing

International telemarketing on the B2B market

Email Permissions

A necessary tools

Sales Material

We are your advisor

Why Valeur?

Valeur is a strategic partner that values high quality results. Your company’s needs are essential for us and you can always expect a professional approach from our committed consultants.

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A thoroughly tested

A continuous close

Consultants with industry

International sales

A full pipeline with
relevant leads

Meetings with high

Optimization of the
sales timeline

Logistic and

A global reach

With more than 27 years of experience with telemarketing, we have accumulated significant knowledge of the current international and Scandinavian market conditions.

Valeur is specialized in an array of different international markets in which we possess a particular high familiarity. We have developed profound knowledge on the formal, cultural and practical factors that are present in international telemarketing.

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Our mission

Our customers are essential for our business and we believe that good results emanates from an open dialogue, a united approach and a long lasting partnership. Our work process is characterized by high experience, a structural approach and perseverance.

Klaus Valeur Leffers
CEO & Partner