Inbound Call Handling

Our inbound call handling service is typically for smaller companies with 1 to 20 employees. We have experience in assisting all kinds of businesses, from manufacturing to consulting. What industry you operate in is secondary, what matters is that we take pride in getting to know your company, regardless of type, industry, service or product.

We want to establish a close relationship and close contact to everyone in your company. It is our goal to know every person, every calendar, your everyday routines, and of course your customers. That way, we are familiar with the wide specter of your business, yet we are still close and are able to administer the calls in the best manner.


We always find 
someone to help


We let you know, 
when something is off

We empathize no
matter the situation


We cover for you
when you’re under pressure



Customers prefer real people

Answering the phone properly is key for any successful company. Customers prefer to speak with people, instead of a machine or an IVR system. Studies show that 60 % of customers do not leave a message, when they are met by an answering machine. Unanswered calls can prove costly, because customers often turn to other providers if the phone stays unanswered.


Stay focused

You are in safe hands when you outsource your inbound calls to Valeur and it frees up time for you and your staff to focus on running your business, without compromising on the quality of customer service. At the same time you enhance your efficiency, as you have more undisturbed time at hand. In other words, you get to use your competences, where they are most valuable.


Our focal point

If you decide to let Valeur take care of your calls, we go through the following together, in order to prepare us optimally for the job:



Who are your


What are your 
requests for the service?


Calls dispatched or
recieve messages?


Which communication
channels should we use?


Can we do any 
administrative work for you?


What should we 
 be familiar with? 


We get to know your
organization and location


We systemize the facts:
who is who, contact info etc. 


Getting started with Valeur’s call handling service is simple. Your calls are transferred to a hidden number in our system, and we answer the phone as your company. Together we specify exactly how your customers should be handled.