Bosch Thermotechnology

Susanne Damgaard, Department Secretary and Project Manager

Bosch Thermotechnology changed to a new CRM system, which made it necessary to cleanse and update their costumer data 100 %. They knew Valeur from a mutual partner, which Valeur worked for, so it was natural for Bosch to choose Valeur for the job. Besides cleansing all the data, Valeur also had to collect e-mail permissions and conduct a market research in which the prospects were to inform about their use of Bosch Thermotechnology’s products.

Ballerup, Denmark

1000+ employees

Private Company

Industrial Technology & Consumer Goods

Department Secretary and Project Manager states: “Getting cleansed our data was an absolute necessity as we transferred all our former data from the old system to the new CRM system. We had the choice to let our own sales department manage the job or outsource the task to someone else. We quickly decided to outsource the task as we had over 1000 different companies that needed to be contacted. This task would be too immense and our sales department would have to put all sales activities on standby – for us it was a pretty clear case.”


Valeur kept us informed through the whole process

“Right from the first contact with the consultant, and the dialogue with the sales responsible to the reporting with the project manager, we have experienced a professional approach with a common thread in the whole process. We have received useful feedback along the way and a clear report with all the conclusions. The report has provided a good overview over the results from the market research. The whole task was conducted effectively so it has been a very good investment for us.”

We were imprssed by the response rate

“Besides having all out data cleansed, the collaboration with Valeur has given us insight into our position on the market. We are very impressed by the high number of respondents that were willing to inform us about their usage of our products. We are also surprised by the number of prospects that were interested in receiving material from us. We are of course happy about the high interest in our products, but it is also necessary to collect e-mail permissions in order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. As a result we have obtained reliable data and an essential overview of the market that we operate in.”  


An exciting task for Valeur

The project has also been very interesting for Valeur as it was a clear opportunity to illustrate how a typical basic task can be converted into extraordinary results. This can be achieved when a famous brand, as Bosch Thermotechnology, is combined with the credibility that Valeur’s mature and professional consultants deliver in every call. 

CEO, Klaus Leffers Valeur comments: “The project can been characterized by an unusual high interest from the contacted prospects, which partly emanates from the undisputed reputation of Bosch. However, you cannot underestimate the ability of Valeur’s experienced consultants to identify with Bosch’s needs and represent the company as if they were Bosch’s own employees. A professional tone of voice, kindness and personal commitment is clearly sensed in the other end of the call and this approach undoubtedly contributes to an increased response rate.”


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