JOKA Packaging

”Valeur opened the market for us in Norway and Sweeden”

The right prospects, professional planning of sales meetings and agendas with true content was the key for JOKA to enter the Nordic market.


Hørsholm, Denmark

11-50 employees

Private Company

Package solutions

Solid model for establishing sales meetings

JOKA is a specialist in all kinds of zip lock plastic bags, and its packaging solutions are custom made for thousands of clients in all of Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia and the Baltics. JOKA is always searching for new ways to increase and optimize the turnover:

“We have had bad experiences with other marketing agencies who wasted our time with meetings that were not serious. But Valeur’s concept with a fixed price per hour seemed appealing,” tells Morten Juhlsgaard Jepsen, Managing Director at JOKA Packaging ApS. “For Valeur it is the quality of the meeting that matters and their results are far better than what we are used to.”


The prospects sets the course

After a few preliminary strategy meetings, JOKA and Valeur agreed that an increased sales effort in Norway and Sweden had top priority. The market was mapped into details, and the effort was planned according to time and resources. “Our sales representatives need to take care of our clientele – appointment setting is Valeur far better at,” tells Morten Juhlsgaard Jepsen. “Valeur’s project managers are very professional, and they are great at understanding our business, analyse the segments, extract the right prospects and also identify potential sales within our current clientele.”


Effective sales meetings with relevancy

JOKA’s ultimate goal in establishing sales meeting is that their sales representatives continuously work with hot prospects and avoids wasting time on transport and pointless presentations. For this reason, when Valeur establishes sales meetings, the focus is to make several factors play together such as geographical distance to the client, the client’s real need and readiness to change supplier, the activity plan for the sales representative etc.

 “Valeur has been excellent in exploiting our resources to the right extent,” determines Morten Juhlsgaard Jepsen. “The sales meetings were planned perfectly the same days that our sales representatives also were in the area, and the meetings had such a high relevance that our hit rate scored extremely high. We did not experience a single meeting that had no relevance.”


High hit rate filled the pipeline

With a fixed price per hour, Valeur’s model also demands to evaluate the results continuously – and the model is strong enough to do so according to Morten Juhlsgaard Jepsen: 

“We have identified a great interest for our products and filled our pipeline. Because of this, our sales representatives now use more time on direct sale with the clients. We could not have achieved this without the professional effort from Valeur. Though it takes time for us to close the million dollar-orders, the collaboration with Valeur is a reasonable investment. We are already considering expanding the collaboration and the sales effort in England and Germany.”


JOKA’s results with appointment setting

A high hit rate
on sales meetings

Pipeline filled with
new prospects


Improved knowledge
of the Scandinavian market

A well-functioning concept 

Easy entrance on new
markets with few ressources

Enhancement of structure
and planning of the
sales process

Optimization of the 
sales representative’s
time and efficiency

Improved logistics 
with a minimization
of transport 


Direct sale with no preliminary meeting

When Valeur calls for a company-client, the consultant at Valeur always presents himself as an employee from that company. It lowers the prospect’s defence parade, strengthens the conversation and raises the hit rate. Sometimes, it is so effective that the company can skip all the preliminary sales meeting.

JOKA experienced this when a new client called to place a large order. In this case, the consultant at Valeur had already closed the sales process with success through the first telephone conversation and a follow-up e-mail, where the consultant encouraged the client to contact the sales representative at JOKA. It cannot be more effective with appointment setting.


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