Market Research

Valeur Research can carry out an array of different market research with the overall purpose of strengthening the client’s competitive advantages on the market.  

  • Do you want to learn more about your target groups on the Danish market?

  • Or the European market?

  • Do you want to learn more about potential customers?

  • Would you like to know how your rivals are doing?


Market research as a strategic tool

A well-conducted analysis can provide companies a strategic overview, which can be vital for future growth and profit possibilities. By conducting a market research, either regularly or occasionally, your company is secured a continuous feeling of the market conditions.

Our results will provide your company with the right foundation for your further business approach. Furthermore, a research conducted by Valeur, will offer insight into which areas should be nurtured or changed completely.

Contact Valeur Research if you are interested in hearing, how a market research can become a strategic tool for your company.  

Our approach

Valeur Research has a wide range, and we carry out different kinds of surveys for our clients. We never follow the same methodology, as we tend to adapt to our clients’ needs and wishes in every assignment.

We are very conscious that all our research is quality based, which has created our thorough approach to research. We always put a lot of effort into advising about every step in the research, so you are informed about our approach to the chosen methods, data and design. Thus, we stand out as a flexible and neutral business partner with one agenda – to provide you with valuable and usable data.