Valeur is a dedicated partner with quality insight into any type of research assignment and our results provide irreplaceable knowledge of your company or market. We render great respect for both the respondent and our customer, which is crucial for any survey.


Cost-effective surveys

As a telemarketing company, we built Valeur Research from the principles of outbound sales where quantity, efficiency, and speed is essential. These principles enable us to carry out cost-effective surveys on different levels. It is our experience, that we can provide customers the same value despite not being a specialized research center.  


We are with you through the whole process

Do you need to be enlightened on questions regarding your market or company; we can assist you, no matter the scale. Even the smallest survey can provide valuable knowledge in order to strengthen your market position and competiveness.

We can assist you in elaborating a cohesive plan for the entire process concerning the concept, research design, questionnaires and data collection. Based on your needs, we can also assist you in certain parts of the process.


Are you interested in hearing more about how your thoughts of a research and become a strategic tool for your company?

Types of research

Market Research

A strategic tool

Costumers Satisfaction Surveys

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Awareness and Image Research

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Employee Satisfaction Surveys

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