About Cre8tek

Cre8tek was founded in February 2011 by the former Motorola colleagues, Yilin Pei and Poul Dørup Olesen. Cre8tek was created as a global company with subsidiaries in Denmark and China.

The company was founded to create the perfect connection between western innovation and Chinese resources in the fields of product development and product realization.

Hjørring, Denmark

10-50 employees


Product Development

Cre8tek’s challenges

Cre8tek wanted to contact certain companies in order to enter into a dialogue with potential clients and get new sales meetings. Furthermore, Cre8tek needed assistance in developing a focused sales strategy.

An important factor for Cre8tek was Valeur’s mature and experienced consultants, which creates the necessary credibility when Valeur is calling on Cre8tek’s behalf.


The outcome

Cre8tek have experienced new relevant meetings with the desires clients.  

“Our partnership with Valeur and the consultant has functioned very well. We have had a good dialogue about which clients to target, and our close communications has continued throughout the whole partnership. The consultant is good at tailoring our solutions to the specific client and I believe that the rate of success is high.” – Poul Dørup Olesen, CEO, Cre8tek Denmark.


Appointment setting – Your way into the market

Do you have a product or a service, which is eligible for the market? Then appointment setting is a suitable strategy for interacting with potential clients.

Valeur pursues a certain strategy in order to book high-quality meetings. This strategy revolves around the policy that it is not a matter of calling as many leads as possible, but calling the right leads at the right time.

Can we help your company booking new quality meetings?