Appointment setting with Valeur.

Appointment Setting

Do you have a product or service that is eligible on the market? Then appointment setting is a way to start a dialogue with potential clients. If you use Valeur to book sales meetings for your company, you will get a partner that values:

A thoroughly
tested concept

Quality over

Consultants with
knowledge of trade

appointment setting

The courage to
challenge the status quo

your company

Appointment setting and outreach sales is revolved around human contact and a deep business understanding. Our experienced and mature consultants know exactly how to arrange the right meeting at the right time – no matter the industry, segment or purpose.


The introductory meeting with Valeur

A cooperation with Valeur starts with a meeting where we will identify your needs and define the task. We always strive to advise and consult our clients to achieve the best results of the sales process.

“Right from the first contact with the consultant, and the dialogue with the sales responsible to the reporting with the project manager, we have experienced a professional approach with a common thread in the whole process.” Bosch Thermotechnology.   


Together we qualify the relevant prospects

We believe that the ultimate prospect list is defined in cooperation with our clients. Either you can rely on the profound knowledge of Valeur to define your target group and get a full list of potential clients, or you can hand over your own prospect list. Before we start booking meetings, we will examine the final prospect list together in order to secure high quality leads for your company.

Process of Cooperation

Sales prospect research

Lead definition

Identification of message

Implementation of prospects

Driving Schedule


Call initiation


Sales Prospect Research

In cooperation with Valeur your target group is defined. Our data managers have experience in prospect research regardless of whether the prospect-extracts emanate from registers or more complicated data research across different sources.

Lead definition

We establish a common definition, which secures the understanding of a qualified lead.


Identification of message

We discuss how the client can differentiate from other companies. A clear message provides a better foundation for the appointment setting.

Implementation of prospects

We implement the assignment and the prospects in our system.

Driving schedule

We coordinate your preferences of length of the meeting and buffer timer in between the meetings. This is agreed with the consultant from Valeur.


We establish a set-up that facilitate the best work process. We are flexible and provide different solutions according to your wishes.

Call initiation

Our experienced consultants will represent your company when they call. After each call, the consultant will note important information from the call. If the prospect lives up to the lead definition a new call is scheduled.


Once a month, we will elaborate a written report, that highlights the performance and results. The report also creates the basis for the further planning and cooperation.

What do our customers say?


“Our partnership with Valeur and the consultant has functioned very well. We have had a good dialogue about which clients to target, and our close communications has continued throughout the whole partnership. The consultant is good at tailoring our solutions to the specific client and I believe that the rate of success is high.” 

Poul Dørup Olesen, CEO
Cre8tek Denmark