About Datprof

Datprof builds products in order to enable developers and testers across businesses to rely on good quality test data. By giving them the right data to innovate faster and ship their products with more quality. So in the end everyone can benefit from those innovations. Datprof simplifies getting the right test data at the right moment. 

Groningen, The Netherlands

10-50 Employees


Test Data

Datprof’s challenges

Datprof wanted to introduce their products to the Scandinavian markets in an informative and educational way. With the help of Valeur, they established two Test Data Management seminars in Copenhagen and in Aarhus. Valeur’s experienced consultants were in charge of gathering the right attendees for the two events, and simultaneously creating a valuable list of leads. 

The outcome

Datprof got the oppertunity to discuss the features of their products and services with their desired target audience in Denmark. 

“Valeur helped us with incredible market research and making the seminars possible with a great audience. – Maarten Urbach, CSO, Datprof.


Appointment setting – Your way into the market

Do you have a product or a service, which is eligible for the market? Then appointment setting is a suitable strategy for interacting with potential clients.

Valeur pursues a certain strategy in order to book high-quality meetings. This strategy revolves around the policy that it is not a matter of calling as many leads as possible, but calling the right leads at the right time.

Can we help your company booking new quality meetings?