About Forstas

Forstas is a company with years of experience in maintenance of green areas, infrastructure and the surrounding areas of utility companies. Forstas needed a partner that could manage the outbound contact to companies through telemarketing.

Vejle, Denmark

50-100 employees



Forstas’ challenges

Forstas lacked the resources and time to manage the outbound sales and create a professional opening to new clients. Forstas initiated a partnership with Valeur in order to book new meetings with potential clients and raise the awareness of the company.

The partnership

“The partnership with Valeur is working really well. The consultant has a certain age and experience, which ensures good results, because he is able to adapt to each customer. I perceive the consultant as one of my own employees.” – Emil Utoft, head of sales, Forstas.


The outcome

Forstas is in dialogue with many new companies and the awareness of the company has increased.

“We get in contact with potential customers, whom we would not have been able to contact ourselves. This ensures that the awareness of Forstas increases, which is our primary goal. In the long term, this awareness might evolve to sales, but for now the purpose is to create awareness and enter into a dialogue with our target group.” – Emil Utoft, head of sales, Forstas.

Appointment setting – Your way into the market

Do you have a product or a service, which is eligible for the market? Then appointment setting is a suitable strategy for interacting with potential clients.

Valeur pursues a certain strategy in order to book high-quality meetings. This strategy revolves around the policy that it is not a matter of calling as many leads as possible, but calling the right leads at the right time.

Can we help your company booking new quality meetings?