Hans Følsgaard

”Valeur delivers value for money on the German market.”


For Hans Følsgaard it is more cost-effective to outsource the outbound sales to Valeur. The concept creates great results and is easy to manage. Additionally, there is a huge potential for fiber cables in Germany.

Køge, Denmark

80 employees

Private Company

Technical Consulting

It is easy to scale the sales efforts and control the expenses

Hans Følsgaard has been leading the Danish and Nordic market in fiber technology for many years, and now the company is ready to conquer new markets. Germany is more or less a decade behind Denmark in this area, which emits a great deal of potential. In 2015, the management decided to penetrate the German market. Creating a good market entry strategy requires an intensive effort over a longer period. Instead of hiring more staff, Hans Følsgaard decided to enter into an agreement with Valeur. According to Claus Rønne, Vice President of Hans Følsgaard, this agreement has produced many advantages:

“As a financial controller, this solution has been quite economical. Compared to hiring a new employee, this collaboration provides more liberty to adjust and scale the sales initiatives. It is easy to manage and half the price compared to hiring an extra employee.”


Valeur offered the right concept

After having tried several external sales solutions, Hans Følsgaard was convinced that Valeur was the right partner.

“A good sign was that Valeur did not start off with demanding a huge down payment as often happens in that industry. Instead they sent an invoice after the project was done”, explains Claus Rønne and continues:

“Besides the economic advantages, Valeur has displayed a huge commitment and relevant insight into our industry. In the preliminary meetings, they advised us about sales strategies and potential prospects in Germany. Furthermore, we had a good chemistry, which is very important in a long-term cooperation.”


High qualifications elevates the initiatives

The consultant that was chosen for the project is bilingual so she was fluent in Danish and German. Besides being bilingual, the consultant had 10 years of experience with appointment setting.

“Valeur has through the whole process been accommodating towards our needs, and it has been a huge advantage having a dedicated consultant that had no problems in understanding our technical universe”, says Claus Rønne.

“The consultant delivered good results without having any problems with communicating our message to the German companies. She has created great openings for us to follow up on.”


Huge success with a self-sufficient process

After 10 months, the pipeline was filled with many relevant leads and Claus Rønne reached his goals:

“It looks really reasonable, which is why we want to continue. We are expecting a break even within two years, but long-term we have an enormous potential in the German market, which consists of 80 million people – and it does not end here. We initially started out with three carefully chosen federal states in Germany and we can easily use the same sales model in other states or countries in the speed that fits us best.”  


All data is transferred to the CRM system

All the information and knowledge Valeur gathers from the German market, is directly transferred to the CRM system of Hans Følsgaard. On a daily basis, this provides an effective flow in the process of coordinating and booking new meetings. In the long run, this system creates an invaluable knowledge base, which can be used to introduce new sales initiatives.  

Valeur has a structured approach that processes the selected costumer segments and because of the continuous generation of new contacts and knowledge, Hans Følsgaard can adjust their strategy on a regular basis


Hans Følsgaard’s results with appointment setting

An effective and
thoroughly-tested concept

No down payment but
a continuous invoicing

Adjustable budgeting
and control of scaling

Cutting costs in half
compared to internal consultant

Optimal planning of the
Sales Representatives’ time

Self-sufficient consultant
with native language and
insight into the German market

Mutual trust and a
close collaboration


Appointment setting – Your way into the market

Do you have a product or a service, which is eligible for the market? Then appointment setting is a suitable strategy for interacting with potential clients.

Valeur pursues a certain strategy in order to book high-quality meetings. This strategy revolves around the policy that it is not a matter of calling as many leads as possible, but calling the right leads at the right time.


Can we help your company booking new quality meetings?