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Valeur as a strategic business partner

Invorkers A/S cooperate with Valeur as a strategic business partner, when we want to create connections with new possible customers. Valeur’s aim is to open the doors to the right decision-makers in our business area, and they set the stage in a qualified way for our subsequent customer meetings. 

Valeur is both consulting and executing in our collaboration. Their approach and methods support and contribute to strengthening our position in the market of mobile applications for SAP, which deliver direct value to the company in the form of optimized processes and workflows 

I would clearly recommend Valeur if you want to increase focus on sales meetings and access the little available decision-makers and specialists. 

Kevin Hagemannn Petersen 

CEO, Invokers A/S 

Appointment setting – Your way into the market

Do you have a product or a service, which is eligible for the market? Then appointment setting is a suitable strategy for interacting with potential clients.

Valeur pursues a certain strategy in order to book high-quality meetings. This strategy revolves around the policy that it is not a matter of calling as many leads as possible, but calling the right leads at the right time.

Can we help your company booking new quality meetings?