Valeur’s German team  – Experts in creating new business oppotunities across borders

Valeur has a strong market position on both the German and Danish markets. Our German team represents over 27 years of experience bringing businesses together across borders.

Germany is a market with a huge potential for small and medium-sized companies. However, some companies are still reluctant towards expanding to Germany because it takes a long time to establish business deals. It requires great insight into local procedures, the culture and the composition of German organizations to succeed. 

Valeur assists companies in the following areas:


International companies
that wish to enter 
the German market

Scandinavian companies
that wish to enter
the German Market

German companies
that wish to enter the
Scandinavian markets

Quality and flexibility in relation to our customers are paramount in all three areas. This means that you always get a strategic advisor that focuses on getting the best results.

Valeur’s German team is composed of experienced native-speaking consultants with extensive knowledge of the formal, cultural and practical conditions in the German market. They speak the language fluently, understand the mentality and know exactly, which buttons to press – and how hard they can be pressed.


Valeur makes it happen

When a company spends time and resources on detailed market surveys, it is crucial for the success that the results are implemented in the sales process. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Lack of language skills, time pressure and cultural differences blocks the sales representatives.

This obstacles can be avoided by entering into an agreement with Valeur.

“We have a profound knowledge of the German and Scandinavian markets and we are fully equipped to advise our clients. We quickly become the executing component in the sales strategy, because we simply get things done, ” states Klaus Valeur Leffers, CEO at Valeur. 

Every costumer and task requires a different approach, but all projects are kicked off with a start-up meeting where we discuss market position, important messages, target segments and our expectations to the project. This creates the basis for the elaboration of an adapted sales strategy, which can be changed or expanded continuously as the project evolves.


Strong involvement in the Danish-German network

Valeur is committed to strengthening the relations between the Danish and German markets, as we are experiencing an increasing demand within appointment setting and sales across the two borders. We have deep roots in both markets and can assist clients creating openings to all industries.

It requires a good network and a lot of insight in order to take advantage of the inter-state trade between Denmark and Germany. An important step on the way to creating value for our clients is our membership of the Danish-German Chamber of Commerce.  

“The organization is deeply rooted in the Danish-German trading environment, and is an invaluable source of information and contacts in this field,” explains Klaus Leffers. “Through our membership, it is much easier to obtain up-to-date knowledge and enter into strategic alliances that can help to strengthen our competencies and services.”


Are you planning to intensify your sales strategy in order to produce qualified sales meetings on the German market? Contact our German department to hear more about how to enter the German market.

What do our customers say?

Hans Følsgaard

“The consultant delivered good results without having any problems with communicating our message to the German companies. She has created great openings for us to follow up on.”

Claus Rønne, Vice President
Hans Følsgaard