Scandinavian telemarketing with native speakers


We have over 27 years of experience in operating on the Scandinavian market. We know these markets down to last detail, which provides you with an extremely qualified partner that is capable of establishing a strong market position for your company in any of the Scandinavian countries.


Scandinavian telemarketing with native speakers

Valeur’s Danish ownership and our strong market position on the Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish markets creates the prerequisites to assist your company in entering your target market. Our Scandinavian team consists of Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish native-speaking consultants who all have extensive experience in outbound sales and appointment setting.

Valeur has a strategic approach to telemarketing and we always strive to provide a project process that creates indispensable value for your company. Our deep Scandinavian roots and comprehensive knowledge of trade serves as a shield against cultural barriers, which are significant in foreign markets.


Strategic sales on the Scandinavian market

Depending of your country of origin, Scandinavian sales activities can in some cases consume many resources. In order to create the highest possible value for all our clients, we always strive to establish the best sales conditions for your target market with Scandinavian telemarketing.

Therefore, our Scandinavian consultants will clarify the following during a conversation with a prospect:

Who makes the
final decision

Annual procurement

Current suppliers
of the product

The company’s general
view of the product

Do you want an ongoing supply of qualified business appointments on your Scandinavian target market? Contact us today to hear how we can assist your business with telemarketing in Scandinavia.

What do our customers say?

JOKA Packaging ApS

“We have identified a great interest for our products and filled our pipeline. Because of this, our sales representatives now use more time on direct sales with the clients. We could not have achieved this without the professional effort from Valeur.”


Morten Juhlsgaard Jepsen, Managing Director
JOKA Packaging