Valeur paved the way for the German market

Valeur functioned as an effective door opener to the German and Scandinavian market, when VARO tested two new products.


Hornslet, Denmark

100 employees

Private Company

Production Equipment

Increased focus on sales in Germany 

VARO is primarily oriented towards the Scandinavian market, but when the company had to test two new products, they chose to try out the possibilities on the German market as well. The project with Valeur covers a substantial amount of potential in the food industry, but also in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. This potential cleared the way for a goal-oriented sales strategy in Germany and the Netherlands.

Anne Gram-Skjoldager, International Marketing Assistant in VARO explains: “Germany is a new market for us with these specific products, so we were in need of a competent partner that was capable of clearing the obstacles and establishing the necessary contact.”


A serious approach

VARO focused on linguistic skills, a cultural understanding, knowledge of trade and a serious approach, when they had to choose a partner:

“Pushy student-phoners cannot establish a good contact with German companies”, states Amalie Gram-Skjoldager. “We chose Valeur based on their mature and skilled consultants, which all possess many years of experience from different industries. This experience is crucial for us, because they call on our behalf. Valeur’s employees are very thorough in their approach and they are capable of creating a good contact with potential clients so they are not intimidated. Furthermore, the consultants from Valeur are very result driven and they always achieve what is possible in each circumstance.”


An effective collaboration process

Valeur initiates each project with a start-up meeting where strategy, message, segmentation and much more is discussed thoroughly. The start-up meeting creates the basis for the consultant’s activity plans and further approach. Anne Gram-Skjoldager is very satisfied with this process: ”The dialogue with Valeur has been very good right form the start. Their project managers and consultants have assumed the role as entrusted advisors. They are used to working with technical and complicated products, which makes them capable of establishing unique selling points while adopting to our needs.”


A close partnership

Valeur’s focal point is executing the costumers’ strategy, which requires a close dialogue between Valeur and the client. It is crucial for both partners that the consultants are perceived as an integrated unit of the company they are representing.

According to Anne Gram-Skjoldager this close partnership occurs naturally: “Valeur has experience in assisting small- and medium-sized companies, and they are very flexible and service minded. Our consultant from Valeur knows exactly where to push through and he is very thorough in the preparation and reporting of every conversation. The consultant normally contacts us after speaking with a lead in order to give us a fresh update about the potential client’s thoughts and assessment of our company and our products. It feels like he is a part of our department and we are always fully involved in the whole process. This is completely opposite from other telemarketing companies where you just get handed an excel-sheet and the invoice without any further explanation.”


A valuable litmus test

The goal with the German project was to get informed about the market and get direct feedback from the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the chemical industry regarding our two products. “It was paramount to get a good litmus test of the market and collect knowledge about potential clients, our market position, and our competitors – and that was exactly what we achieved. Valeur is excellent at finding new opportunities and opening the door for our sales team. They have given us a crucial starting point for creating success with our products in Germany”, says Anne Gram-Skjoldager.    


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